My Mom’s Advice to Moms

We had a great day at Suncrest celebrating on Mother’s Day…and it was a great day with my own Mom. This is some more wisdom from her that we couldn’t include in the service. I can promise you she lived out these 3 pieces of advice herself!

If it is going to make a real difference for you, spend 90 seconds watching and then 90 minutes resolving to integrate this into life.

~ by Greg Lee on May 15, 2013.

3 Responses to “My Mom’s Advice to Moms”

  1. I loved listening to your mom, she is a wise woman.

  2. Great response Mrs. Lee! I agree 100% and that is exactly how my 3 sons were raised. You were so right about the children really wanting guidance and became stronger because of it. Would have enjoyed being at Suncrest that day and also meeting you!

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