Mary Beth Stockdale

There is too much to write about my appreciation for Mary Beth Stockdale’s role at Suncrest…so I tried to capture the essence of it in this video message.  She will be greatly missed on our team.

Enjoy by clicking on the video below.  (If you are reading this by subscription, click on the title above to go to the blog site.)


~ by Greg Lee on August 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “Mary Beth Stockdale”

  1. Greg, I am a fellow Cardinal fan as well. St. Louis born and raised, so what else could I be? Go Cards!
    I’m also a big fan of SunCrest via Marybeth. What a great woman of God she is! I know she’s been a tremendous blessing to you and the staff and I’m excited about where she’ll be a blessing next. She’s an inspiration to women leaders everywhere, always exhibiting her core values: God, family, serving others. Blessings on you Marybeth. We love you!

    • Sherry, thanks for the comment. I know you have been an enormously positive influence on her…and on our church through her. Thanks for what you do to invest in leaders all over the country.

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  2. I’d love to take the opportunity to express my thanks again to Mary Beth for all she has poured into me and to the church that I love. No single person in the last few years has had the effect that Mary Beth has had on me in terms of encouraging me in my journey with Christ…challenging me, teaching me, coaching me, guiding me, and putting up with me. Thanks for the example of your obedience to God, for trusting Him, and for sharing what you’ve learned. Your faith is a shining light. I pray for nothing but the best for you as you follow him on your next adventure.

  3. Greg – I am blown away by your video. I am so thankful for Suncrest and you!

    Thank you for the privilege of serving on staff at Suncrest for the last 5 years. It’s been an amazing time of growth both for me, and for Suncrest. From a staff of 5 to 15+, from a single campus to 2, and dreams of much more. I am blessed to have had a small part to play while watching God’s hand at work here.

    Thanks to Suncrest, I had the privilege to participate in conferences and leadership development that have impacted me in huge ways. I look back, amazed at how God was able to use this reluctant leader to help organize and develop our small group ministry. I never could have imagined that in advance.

    Suncrest will always be the place where I took my first steps as a Christ-follower. Where I learned that God has plans for me. Where I had the freedom to explore leadership for the first time. I am forever grateful.

    Love my Suncrest family!
    Mary Beth

  4. As a fellow minister in St. John I too want to express my personal joy with having the privilege of knowing and learning from Mary Beth. I have attended some of her meetings and come away with not only knowledge but with encouragement and motivation. I have talked with her on many occasions and I have been uplifted by not only her joy but also her insights. She has always given God first place in her life and her conversations and then she has always made sure that her family was next in line. She has shown herself to me to be a Godly women who is always seeking the heart of God and always looking for hearts that she can direct to God. I would imagine that Suncrest will have a “hole” from the areas that she ministered in but I would also imagine that the gifts and the skills that she taught so many of your congregation will shine out in the coming months and years. I thank God for Mary Beth and I wish her and her family all the riches of the kingdom of God that she taught and modeled so well to so many for so long.

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