Glad today was normal

jackabby-mallI got to have a pretty normal day off on the front end of a week that will likely be ludicrous.  (It starts with 8 meetings on the calendar tomorrow and then leaving home about 3:45am Wednesday for my flight to Dallas).

Today was great and mostly mindless…though it helps when the Sunday stat report comes in the morning…at least with attendence is strong (as it has been) and offerings strong (as they have NOT been).

Took Jack to preschool.  Did some shopping for Jenny at Costco (ran in to a few people from church there…which is always leave me thinking that they are thinking: “Why isn’t our pastor working?”).  Re-assembled our dining room chairs (Jenny re-covered them).  Got the oil changed in the car. 

Tonight I took Jack and Abby to the mall since Jenny was out.  They actually sat on Santa’s lap (no line!) and played in the play area (pictured).  They also rode the elevator, which is exactly $2 cheaper than the carousel that it overlooks!  We ate in the food court.  Does anyone else think it’s odd that the main attraction to the japanese food place is Bourbon Chicken?  I do, but I’m not complaining.  Jack and I down it together every time we go.

~ by Greg Lee on November 18, 2008.

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