Randy Parish

2½ years ago I challenged one of our elders to leave his successful marketplace job and join our staff.  Randy Parish has been our Executive Director of Operations ever since.

He has led us to a very good place organizationally, most of it behind the scenes leading staff development, finances, facilities, and much more.  He and I met every week and talked about the key elements of our church so vision can translate into reality.  Randy’s unique blend of marketplace experience, straightforward communication, and personal spiritual depth made him a great team member.

Last month his old company came calling with an great offer to move to the region He and his wife vacation in and will retire to someday.  He started with the company this week and it was the right move for him, but we will miss him on our team.  We have great volunteers like our Business Management Team to carry us through an interim while we look to fill the role. 

This is a small part of what he wrote to our staff.  It reminded me that as an attender Randy has been at Suncrest longer than I have:  It has been quite a ride these past 18 years 2 months at Suncrest.  We showed up that first Sunday wondering, just what kind of church meets in a school?  Lake Central High School, setup teams, worship team, launch team, interim campus pastor (my most challenging role), Elder and then staff.  We will both miss Suncrest and the relationships we have formed through those years.

Thanks Randy!

~ by Greg Lee on December 12, 2013.

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