What does it mean to Live Sent? It’s the question we are exploring these days at Suncrest. Here’s the answer I give whenever I have the chance.

First, Living Sent is…possible.  For YOU. I promise. It is the natural way the Scriptures teach a Christ-follower to live.  It also scratches that itch most of us have to experience greater meaning in our lives.

Living Sent ISN’T…

  • adding another thing you are “supposed to do” in an already-crazy life.
  • some awkward “spiritual pitch” you should impose on your friends who aren’t followers of Jesus.
  • a program your church is doing.
  • a way to get something from God.

Living Sent IS…

  • a mindset that helps your faith to be integrated within your real, crazy, life.
  • finding natural ways to express your faith and care about the people right around you…including their spirituality.
  • being the neighbor who helps, the co-worker who listens, and exploring any cause God has placed on your heart.
  • showing hospitality to all in a way that rejects being judgmental.
  •  allowing your faith to be public and imagining that God would use you.
  • embracing that God has strategically placed you wherever you are to make a difference in the lives around you.

~ by Greg Lee on September 30, 2013.

3 Responses to “#LiveSent”

  1. I love that you taught that living sent is not “adding another thing you are “supposed to do” in an already-crazy life.”

    We talked about that specifically in my community group last night and I think it’s so crucial to just remember that living sent starts a just a mindset change, not some major life altering/sacrificing moment we must go though! Really, really enjoying the series so far!

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  3. I am looking forward to hearing more about this concept. Almost everyone has a hard time adding anything else to their schedule (right or wrong, that is how it seems to be today), if there were a way to convince everyone how to make this a mindset, everyone benefits!

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