Hang out with me (and all the cool people) Friday night…

I hope you will join me Friday night (March 8 – 6:30pm) if you are anywhere close to Northwest Indiana for our Africa Dessert Night.

We do almost no fundraisers at Suncrest (lots of reasons for that…in another blog post), but we do this one almost every year because the CAUSE is compelling, the NIGHT is a blast, and there are some great deals at an AUCTION with no pressure!

god waterThe Cause – My definition of “cool” in my title is people who want to make a difference.   The dessert is going to help 2 ministries working in Liberia that are great partners with Suncrest.  One is “Impact Liberia” which starts new churches there.  The Other is “God Water” which is an incredible organization that has grown out of Suncrest attenders.  Just buying a ticket will help Liberians have clean drinking water.

The Night – It’s great dessert, lots of laughs from the entertainment, and a personal look at the dilemmas and progress of life in Liberia.

The Auction – Some items do get bid up past their actual value (it is for a great cause after all), but with so many items there is also a chance to get a great deal on some things if that is what you are looking for. This is far from a complete list, but I know this year there are items like Restaurant Gift Cards, White Sox Tickets, A behind the scenes fire station tour for a group of kids (or adults!), Music Lessons, Dance Lessons, Golf at Youche Country Club and White Hawk, Jak’s gift card, Beanies, Scarves…4 hours of work from a variety of Suncrest staff members, including yours truly.

(May I suggest you bid on both me and the golf at Youche?  Seems like a win-win if you put them together!)

Get your tickets this Sunday at any Suncrest campus or call the church at 219-365-9000!

~ by Greg Lee on March 1, 2013.

4 Responses to “Hang out with me (and all the cool people) Friday night…”

  1. Is there a flyer that the church can email me and I will get a foursome for Youche as well as an auction item, thanks.

    Mike Liming PGA Head Professional Youche Country Club

  2. Good Luck and I hope you have an AWESOME turnout! Lucky for you Greg, I will be heading out of state (to Texas) to visit my eldest son and family…..otherwise I might bid on the 4 hours of work from YOU:)….how are you at vacuuming? ..God Bless you all and keep on doing your awesome work …always will have that soft spot in my heart for Suncrest.

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