Church Planting. An End. A Beginning.

Cool week for me.

Last Friday/Saturday I was in Boston for my LAST meeting on the Management Team of REUNION Christian Church.  Seven years ago Suncrest was key to launching this church that now has hundreds and hundreds of attenders in two campuses (Back Bay & Somerville).  Any observer would say it is now a model for urban church planting around the country.

The best part was the group of leaders from REUNION gathered Saturday morning.  I led a session about how we have developed spiritual leaders at Suncrest as the last element before THEY take the leadership/oversight responsibility for the church themselves.  The church will “fly on it’s own” from here forward.  Any formal role we have there is coming to an end.

Then, today I spent the day in Atlanta for my FIRST meeting on the Management Team for our new church here (Name to be revealed SOON!).  Unless you live under a rock, you know Suncrest is sending and supporting one of our former pastors (Jared Mehrle) to launch a new church in the Northeast Suburbs.  It was awesome to see him and his family.  And, it was awesome to see another Suncrest couple (Ryan/Emily Trisler) who have moved down here to help them.

A launch team is starting to form.  The Vision is big.  The plan is for launch in early 2013.  And sometime a few years from now I’ll write a blog post about them raising up their own leaders and our “outside” Management team handing off the reigns.

(Side Note:  Bobby Jackson was in Providence, Rhode Island last weekend serving on the Northpoint Christian Church management team.  Just sayin…We don’t have to wait until one ends for a new one to begin.  We are planting churches all the time!)

~ by Greg Lee on October 26, 2012.

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