Video from Doug Gamble on his last Sunday…

Today is Doug’s last day on our staff at Suncrest.  Bitter.  Sweet.  I’m seriously terrible at good-byes, so I’ll just briefly say what I feel.

It’s bitter because I haven’t known life without Doug for the last 7 years and I’m not really looking forward to it.  You all know him as Hobart’s campus pastor, but his voice in my life and our church goes far beyond that.  I will miss it dearly.

It truly is sweet also.  He is following God’s calling, modeling faith and faithfulness even as he goes.  He’s ready to plant a church that will make a huge difference in Oklahoma City and beyond.  We get to “send him” to plant this new church and stay connected through partnerships, support, trips, mission, and more.

Here is a brief video Doug made to share with Suncrest since his formal good-bye today is only at Hobart campus.  Enjoy!

Click any or all of the following for great stuff to stay in touch with Doug and his adventure ahead.

Doug’s Blog

Sign-Up for OKC Church Plant News

Follow Doug on Twitter

~ by Greg Lee on April 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Video from Doug Gamble on his last Sunday…”

  1. Wishing them all the best with the new church and prayers to be kept safe from the tornados. I’m sure God will watch over them~~

  2. Sending prayers of well being and wishing them all the very best…they will do awesome I am certain! It was a pleasure to know and work with them during the time I was part of the Suncrest family! Blessings and God Speed! I have signed up to keep in touch with Doug’s journey and will be praying for them.

  3. Thanks Greg. It’s been a great partnership for 7 years. I look forward to many more years of partnership in a different form. It was so cool to have you on the new church’s partnership team call the other day. I’m so glad you will continue to be speaking into my life and the life of the new church. As I said in my sermon which of course you couldn’t hear because you were preaching at st. john…:), i’m pretty good at “firsts” and terrible at “lasts.” Good thing in Christ there are not any “lasts” except the one he brings.

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