My email to our staff on Monday…

This picture is the Rivera family worshiping together at our Hobart campus right after they got baptized (see the wet hair?)  Easter this year was full of powerful stories like this.

It doesn’t happen without God doing what only he can do — changing the human heart.  It also doesn’t happen without our INCREDIBLE teams of staff and volunteers.  This is the email I sent our staff on Monday…If you know a Suncrest staffer, I hope you’ll give them a word of encouragement too.


An email is never enough, but I can’t get past last week without acknowledging the incredible effort, creativity, and time-investment you made to make a great week for our church.  We’ll get to celebrate a little at all-staff tomorrow, but I thought this was worth sending out, with a few notes for exceptional extra effort.

  1. Support staff (office staff/custodians) —  We love you!!  Could not do this without you.  You shined over the last week with an enormous number of things to process.
  2. Bobby Jackson and the Arts teams – the teaching role can’t compare to what the arts staff and volunteers go through this week to prepare, rehearse, and execute Passion and Easter Services.  GREAT stuff!
  3. Debby Albrecht and the Children’s teams – we keep doing more and more with Children’s ministry at these experiences and I know Easter/Spring break is a hard time to recruit the most volunteers you ever need!  Thanks!
  4. Doug Gamble – What a way to go out, my friend!  One of the coolest things to me is that you have largely owned our Good Friday services from the time they started as one service in the round.  This year, 4 services, two campuses and 684 people!
  5. Walkerton Campus – 4 SPONTANEOUS baptisms on Easter, giving us a total of 15 across all campuses for the day.

And, o ME of little faith, was sure our attendance would be down this year with Spring breaks still going strong all over the region, but over the weekend well over 2000 people heard the Easter story, more than ever have heard on a single weekend at Suncrest before.  And, 45 adults turned in a connection card to mark this as their day to “come home”.

I love serving with you, team.  Thanks for making it fun!


~ by Greg Lee on April 11, 2012.

One Response to “My email to our staff on Monday…”

  1. Sounds like such an amazing Easter, so sorry we were out of town. Can’t wait to get back in the swing of things at Suncrest.

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