Take this “Love Profile” to see if you are ready for…

I always crack up at the covers of magazines in the check-out aisle. Their exaggeration does catch your eye…who wouldn’t want to know if they are compatible with their mate?  There is a simple survey with the 3 secret questions inside!  Over-promise.  Under-deliver.  Every Single Time.

I thought the opposite last night I saw some banter on Facebook about the “Love Profile” our team created as a follow-up to Sundays message. We kept it pretty low key, but people are really using it (and talking about it) to help them see areas to grow.

So…at the risk of over-selling…I think this is a great tool for you see your own growth areas.  The scriptures give us a perfect picture of love so don’t feel guilty if you fall short.  But don’t be content either.

Click below for the Love Profile, customized for either a single person or a married couple…

Love profile

~ by Greg Lee on March 5, 2012.

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