Story #2

I’m sharing a few stories this week that randomly came to me last week.  Bill Foster was a key leader of a Hobart church that closed 4 years ago and devoted much of their remaining resources to help launch our Hobart campus.  Bill may be best known around Suncrest//Hobart  for his hearty laughter.  This is what Bill wrote me…in his own words:

Having read your blog today about Suncrest being a church planting church spurred me to think back to the beginning of our relationship.  I thought about how the old Community Christian Church in its closing has “risen out of its ashes to become a great Phoenix.”  I am always amazed at exactly how God works in His time & timetable.  I’m sure each of the old Community fellowship was saddened to see our 25 year old work close.  However, how well blessed we are today to see how God has enabled our ” talents” to be so greatly increased in such a significant way.  Who, but God, could have dreamed how this move would be playing out today.  Going from 1 campus to 2 to 4 & now 6 (with Doug and Jared being sent out to plant churches)!  And hopefully, with no end in sight.

I am ever thankful to the elders & their foresight & vision & you & your staff for carrying it forward.  Never stop dreaming…. for with God’s help there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.  God bless you all.  


I deeply appreciate Bill.  There is a lot I could write but mostly I think this is a perfect picture of what can happen when unselfishness, humility, and vision get in sync.

~ by Greg Lee on February 23, 2012.

7 Responses to “Story #2”

  1. I love hearing peoples stories.
    Wed. at Morning Grace I had the opportunity to hear a story that affirms my feelings about Suncrest being used by God to change lives.
    A women came to Morning Grace for the first time. She shared that she was raised lutheran and as an adult wanted nothing to do with organized religion. But lately had felt God working in her life. Came to church Sunday and had a ” God experience” Sang in church for first time ever, cried and prayed. Shared this with her husband and now he is planning on trying Suncrest!!
    She brought her 13 year old daughter to youth group Tue. Night and she loved it!!!
    BAM a family changed!!!
    Thank you for allowing God to work in peoples lives!!

  2. […] are your stories.  Story #1 was a person who has had her life changed.  Story #2 was a leader amazed at how things are multiplying.  Story #3 is bittersweet because it comes from Cece McAgy, a person who has shaped our church in […]

  3. I have always appreciated the selflessness of the Community Christian Church family. Some people would have hung on to the bitter end rather than see “their” work end. Bill and the others know the work is truly God’s, and we are so blessed to be working alongside them in ministry!

  4. Author unknown ~~The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all the world needs dreamers who do!! That’s Suncrest to me~~~

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