A wise investment

Suncrest plants churches.  Everyone around here knows that.  We give 10% of our offerings to it and have lots of stories to tell.  I guess there are a lot of ways you can look at it, but one of my favorites is that it is an investment in something beyond ourselves.

Rewind:  Suncrest started because others invested.  Years ago people and churches poured a couple hundred thousand dollars into a project called “Suncrest”. It’s hard to measure “return on investment” in church terms:  You could point to big numbers (almost 1000 people have been baptized in 17 years) or small ones (sending out 2 “homegrown” missionaries last year)…they all have a lot of meaning.  But think about this: Besides everything that has happened here within our church, Suncrest has given about $1.5 million dollars away to other missions and church planting.

I’m thinking about this because I spent a couple days in Boston this week with a church we have worked to start out there.  Our investment (over $50,000) was combined with others and REUNION Christian Church was launched 5 years ago in the “Back Bay” — the cultural center of the city.  They had almost 500 people attend on Sunday, have already expanded to 2 campuses, and we are preparing this year to hand off the oversight of the church from the team I serve on to leaders who have been developed there.  And guess what else? They are already financially supporting new churches themselves in Providence (RI), San Francisco (CA), and internationally in France.

Suncrest, thanks for your sacrifice…and your investment…to plant churches.


~ by Greg Lee on February 9, 2012.

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