I’m glad others see this too…

I met with my friend Dave Hamm yesterday.  He sent me this email.

Thanks again for the meeting today. I always enjoy our time together.  I forgot one thing though. On Wednesday night when we were leaving our training at the church I glanced over at your window and noticed that all of the Elders were in there.

I really got a smile because, I knew that our church was safe with you all in charge. To see all of you to be there so late, missing your families to guide the church, was the coolest.  I wanted to ask you to thank all of our Elders from me for their sacrifice, leadership and knowledge.

What an awesome group.

Our elders are spiritual leaders who guard and guide our church.  They love to live “under the radar” around here, but I know of their sacrifice, leadership and knowledge.  I’m glad others notice too.

~ by Greg Lee on February 3, 2012.

One Response to “I’m glad others see this too…”

  1. This is what makes OUR church unique. Seems like everyone cares~~~

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