This is Suncrest…Our Theology

I’m doing a series of posts on what defines suncrest.  We put it all under a simple umbrella statement:  “This is Suncrest…”  This is the third of four posts.  You can see “Our Culture” by clicking here and see “Our Mission” by clicking here.

Today is about our Theology and it is critically important to us.  One of my favorite quotes is from A.W. Tozer when he said:

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

Theology Matters.  It shapes us in ways we often are not even aware of.

Our Theology:  In Essentials…Unity. In Non-Essentials…Liberty. In all things…Love.

We believe that Scripture in its entirety originated with God and was intended for use by man in all matters of faith and conduct. Scripture reflects the personalities of the human writers who were chosen by God. However, the Bible is a revelation from God alone. It is perfectly accurate, authoritative, complete, and reliable.

The Bible Teaches that God is the sovereign Creator and the Lord of all that exists. He is one and yet exists eternally in three personalities: Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.

The Bible Teaches that Sin separates us from God. Sin is any conscious thought or action that does not please God. It is the mark of human imperfection and the reason we are in need of reconciliation to God.

The Bible Teaches that Jesus Christ is God’s eternally existing son. He lived on earth in human form as a product of miraculous conception and virgin birth. Jesus lived a sinless life and was a willing sacrifice for the sins of all people by dying on the cross. His resurrection after death provided an opportunity for all people to have abundant and eternal life.

The Bible Teaches that the Holy Spirit is God who comes to live within every believer at conversion. He provides the believer with all that is necessary (direction, gifts, fruit) to live within the will of God.

The Bible Teaches that Human Beings, though created in the very image of God, have chosen to disobey God by sinning. It is only by the perfect sacrifice of Christ that human beings can be reconciled to God.

The Bible Teaches that Salvation is an act of God’s love and grace. This gift from God is free to anyone who chooses to follow Jesus Christ in faith as his/her Savior. That eternal gift is appropriated as a believer demonstrates trust by obeying Him as Lord.


Please don’t miss the importance of the phrase at the top about Unity in essentials, Liberty in non-essentials, and Love in everything.  Suncrest lives out that phrase more beautifully than any church I have ever seen…focusing on the elements we must agree on to be one church and leaving room for diversity and even disagreement among other elements of theology.

One quick example:

The Bible teaches with clarity that Christ will return to earth one day.  That is an essential.

There are multiple interpretations of how/when Christ’s return will happen.  That is a non-essential.  It means you and I might have convictions about our own interpretations, but we can respectfully disagree and still worship, serve, lead, and be used by God to change lives at Suncrest together.

Next up…Our Approach to Discipleship.

~ by Greg Lee on November 22, 2011.

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  1. Greg, you’ve done a great job with this post…very pprofound thoughts but presented very clearly.

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