This is Suncrest…Our Mission

I’m doing a short series on the defining aspects of Suncrest.  This is Post #2 of 4 about Suncrest.  I did “Our Culture” here.

If you have been around Suncrest long, you might have our short mission statement memorized.  If you are a leader, you definitely do.

Our Mission:  Being Used by God to Change Lives

  • The statement should be true of our church as a whole (and each small group and each ministry area and each campus) but is also a mission we hope is embraced by each individual.
  •  The end of the statement clarifies our goal:  Changed Lives.  If there are no lives being changed around here (whole church, small group, ministry area, campus), we are FAILING.  
  • The beginning of the statement is both humbling and freeing.  It clarifies (1) I don’t change anyone’s life.  It is only because God uses me.  (2)  God can use anyone (even me) to change lives if I let him.

Side Note: I have to imagine any corporate expert on mission statements would think ours is ludicrous because it is written in the “passive” voice.  I think that is critically important though because it defines it is more about God than it is about us.

Still to come…Our Discipleship Approach and Our Theology.



~ by Greg Lee on November 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “This is Suncrest…Our Mission”

  1. I love the way our mission statement is worded! Yes, it sounds passive, but there’s action in submitting ourselves to be used. And that action is harder than trying to do something ourselves.

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