This is Suncrest…Our Culture

I don’t think I’ve done a series of blog posts before about this.  Honestly, that is hard to believe because they are so central to us (and to me).  Over the next 4 posts, I will outline the core elements of our church:  Mission, Culture, Discipleship Approach, and Theology.  We call it “This is Suncrest”

This came to mind because yesterday we had almost all of our staff at a conference that talked about organizational culture/values.  So, I’m going to start today with that list.

Our Culture:  DNA markers that define our approach to “doing church”

  • OutwardLost People matter uniquely to God.  Their separation from Jesus drives us.  We regularly sacrifice for those who are not part of our church. We plant churches.
  • ExcellenceNot perfect or slick, but always intentional and well-prepared.  Never Sloppy.  We invite and engage critique for constant improvement.
  • UnityWe assume the best about each other.  We communicate directly.  We respect order & structure.  The parts serve the whole.  The Mission comes first.
  • LeadershipEffective Ministries are led by effective leaders. Servant-hearted.  Christ-centered.  Mission-Driven.  We must constantly reproduce and develop them.
  • JourneyEveryone is welcomed as they are. Everyone has a next step.  No one has arrived.  We are fascinated by authentic stories of God at work in lives.

Two quick notes about Culture:

1.  Every church (or any business/organization) HAS a culture.  Our desire is to be intentional about ours and use our defined culture to guide our approach to how we do church.

2.  It is key to remember that this is OUR approach.  Different churches have different approaches and we celebrate that.  The most important thing is to know what YOUR approach is.

Mission, Discipleship Approach, and Theology are still to come.

~ by Greg Lee on November 18, 2011.

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