Liberia Team Update & Prayers

I just got an update on the team currently working in Liberia with our friends in Muncie.  This trip is through “Hope 2 Liberia”.  There are about 20 people on the trip with 8 of them from Suncrest.

It sounds like the team is doing great.  Everything from attitudes, to a busy medical clinic to giving clean water systems to families.

They are in the country at the same time as yesterday’s Presidential Election, which can create some stress — the country is handling their own elections for the first time in 20 years!  Thankfully, it was mostly peaceful and though there was some controversy in the country from the loser, the international observers declared the re-election of their current president “free and fair”.  That is absolutely huge for a developing a country.

If you would stop and pray for these requests they passed on…

1. The generator at the church.  It is not working and they use it for power and welding.  It is critical to finish the building project at Danny Buegar’s church in Monrovia.

2. Friday is a huge day to engage children with the church.  Lots of potential. (I’ve been there for these kinds of things….PLEASE pray!)

3.  The team has a lot of members working with the worship services this Sunday.  It always stretches the team and is such a blessing to the Liberian people.

~ by Greg Lee on November 10, 2011.

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