What Pastors Wish you knew…

I mentioned being surveyed for this in a sermon a couple weeks ago.  The results came out in a two part blog and now has actually spurred a blog of it’s own.  I thought I’d share my answers with you (it seems they were substantially different from how most other pastors answered) and then link the blogs.

I replied to the survey in 5 minutes with the first things that came to mind.  Here is what I wish everyone knew:

-You are way more capable than you imagine.

-God is always present.  Always.  And if you are a Christian, he literally lives inside of you.

-You might have something you think God wants you to do.  That might align with doing it through the church, but it might not.  It is no less valid or valued if it doesn’t.

-Sharing your weakness increases my respect for you. (And everyone else’s too.)

-Pretending you have it all together means I will not trust you.

-When you handle conflict right…WOW. So powerful.

-I use my formal education about the same amount way you do.  It was extremely valuable for how to think, but do you still remember that chapter in your Child Development or Civil Engineering textbook?  Me neither.

-No two pastors are the same.  That is a very good thing.

-If you never talk to me after church, I’d love for you to introduce yourself.

-If you always talk to me after church, I’d love for you to let someone else introduce himself/herself.

-Don’t wait to be asked.  This, of course, helps me as a church leader.  I honestly believe it helps you more as a Christ-follower.

Here are the blog links and a little more commentary from me: For the two blogs that summarize all the survey answers: Part One & Part Two & Click here for the new blog devoted to this topic.

My overall reaction to the pastor’s responses?  I was disappointed and compassionate.

Disappointed because it really sounds to me like a lot of pastors are not finding joy in their calling and more than a few are whining.  I have seen the “poor me” martyr mentality take root in some friends. It only leads to ugly places for their churches, for them, and for their families.

Compassionate, though, because I know my experience  at a church like Suncrest is unique and I’ve never had to walk in the shoes many pastors do.  In fact, I just stopped to pray for them before I post this.  Praying for joy, fruitfulness, and most of all faithfulness to their calling in all circumstances.

~ by Greg Lee on November 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “What Pastors Wish you knew…”

  1. As one pastor replied to a fellow colleague in ministry when asked how is it that you are still in “the ministry”… why do you keep on keeping on…. i.e. what makes you “tick”? The encouraging response: stay in love with and stick close to Jesus!

  2. Wow. I read all three posts, and every single comment, Prayed as I read. Thankful to be part of a healthy church!

  3. How come our pastor doesn’t wear
    one of those cool hats?

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