Ecuador in Pictures

I came to Ecuador on Monday and will be back Friday.  It’s a quick trip and my first time to South America.  Instead of trying to write paragraphs, I thought I’d let the pictures tell the story.  I’m here on an observation, educational, and vision trip at the invitation of Stadia (a church planting organization we work with) and Compassion International (the leading child sponsorship organization on the planet.

I’ve spent three days seeing what can happen when church planting works in tandem with lifting children out of poverty.  I’m privileged to witness it and can’t help but imagine how this could multiply the impact of a church plant on a community.

Here are some pictures:

Carmen is a young girl being sponsored at a new church we visited.

Tom/Debbie Jones got to meet the actual girl they have sponsored. Amazing.

We did an in home visit for Tom/Debbie's child. Humbling Conditions.

I met Josh 13 years ago teaching High School Students about church planting in New England. Now he is a church planter in Annapolis, MD and we got to re-connect on this trip.

We did some of our transportation this way - with fellow pastors Donnie Williams & Rick Grover

Just for fun...we had a breakfast buffet and these were the options for topping your pancakes!

~ by Greg Lee on October 27, 2011.

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