Jesus Mission…Liberia

It was great to celebrate Suncrest’s birthday on Sunday.  I hope to post more later about the power of the commissioning.

I mentioned at St. John on Sunday that our campus launches in the last 3 years mean 400+ people are attending Suncrest each week that never come through the doors at the original campus.  Obviously, launching Highland and Walkerton one year ago was a big part of that and 2/3 of our “Jesus Mission” initiative.  Your generosity is making a huge difference.

But don’t forget the other 1/3 — church planting in Liberia.  Again, at St. John on Sunday I briefly mentioned how the special offering we just received in July is being put to use right now to start another new church in Senjay, Liberia.  David Vineyard sent the numbers to me this morning as evidence of just how beautifully this worked.  Check this out:

Prior to the Church planting Sunday we asked Joe Lieway (our Liberian Church Planting Leader) what it would take to get the Senjay church started. (This is actually a re-start of a church that was closed and destroyed during Liberia’s civil war.)  He gave us this proposal:

$1,600 Prime Land (½ acre)

$2,450 Building Construction (w/o help from Samaritans’ Purse which might reduce this cost)

$2,400 Pastor’s first year salary

$1000 Motorbike for Pastor (trans to/from Senjay is not dependable)

$600  1 year’s fuel for pastor’s motorcycle

$8,050  TOTAL Launch Cost

The offering received from all 4 campuses that day was…$8,170.

We love new churches.  We love Liberia.  We love how God puts the numbers together.

~ by Greg Lee on September 26, 2011.

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