Transformation in Hobart


Suncrest Hobart!

The Commons Space filled fast!

Transformed Worship Space

I got to teach at Hobart’s “New” facility a couple weeks ago.  You’ll never capture the  transformation from a few pictures like this, but the “Before/After” metaphor here is about SO MUCH MORE than a classroom getting updated.

Previous Classroom at Movie Theater

New Classroom at the New place!

It redeeming a building for kingdom use.  It is about the investment of a campus (and a whole church) for a greater purpose.  It’s about a church being “present” in Hobart.  It’s about modeling the ultimate redemption story of God and us.

Saturday morning men’s group from St. John Campus did “destruction”
Charlie had to correct our mistakes, but a friend and I helped put in the new floor one Saturday.
Paint, Carpet, and Air Conditioning Installed make all the difference
Finished Room…Ready for our TEAM 56 ministry for 5th/6th graders
The other wall (used to open to worship area)…a global perspective!

Enjoy the pictures.  Pray for the vision… It is happening!

~ by Greg Lee on August 18, 2011.

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