We Plant Churches.

On Sunday, I got to talk about a favorite topic…church planting. Starting new churches has been in our DNA from Day 1 and that will never change.  A few observations about the list below…

1.  I find myself talking as much about multi-site as church planting, but I would want everyone to know our commitment to church planting has only accelerated since launching campuses.  NINE of the churches below were launched in the 14 years before we launched campuses. SIX of the churches below have been launched (or have launches scheduled) since 2009.

2.  We have tended to focus on New England and Chicagoland in the US and various partners globally.  Other projects have come out of people connected to Suncrest being part of the church planting team.

3. I think it is fair to say Suncrest has supported close to 100 new churches in one way or another – sending teams to help, small financial gifts, commitment to prayer, etc.  So, usually the lists (like the one below) include our major partners – loosely defined as financial investments in the range of $10,000-$50,000 often with leadership guidance.  Click away on their links.  You’ll see a wide variety of churches and you’ll see many of them are planting churches now too. (That’s the whole plan!)

Rockingham Christian Church – Salem, New Hampshire

LifeBridge Christian Church – Valparaiso, Indiana

TOMY Christian Fellowship — Tomaszow, Poland

Village Christian Church — Minooka, Illinois

EastPoint Christian Church  — Portland, Maine

The Ridge Community Church — New Berlin, Wisconsin

Common Ground Christian Church — Tampa, Florida

Reunion Christian Church — Boston, Massachusetts

Jubilee Christian Church — Pachuca, Mexico

North Pointe Christian Church – Providence, Rhode Island

Journey Church — Jackson, Tennessee

Ganta Christian Church — Ganta, Liberia

Anchor Christian Church — Bensenville, Illinois

Senjay Chistian Church – Senjay, Liberia

Cluster Project with Ignite Church Planting — Upcoming Project in Chicago Suburbs


~ by Greg Lee on July 27, 2011.

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