What to Blog about?

I want to write about the amazing way church planting has ramped up at Suncrest even as we have launched campuses.

I want to write about the CRAZY morning we had at the St. John Campus with all the power going out in the middle of our 8:00 service and coming back on later in our 9:30 service.  And, the AMAZING leadership from our tech team and staff in the midst of it.

I want to write about Hobart packing up last Sunday at the movie theater for the last time!  This Sunday, they open their new facility at 625 Lake Street in Hobart.

I want to write about Earl Anthony after doing his funeral this morning.  He was in the backyard gatherings 17 years ago when Suncrest was getting ready to launch.  His son (a pastor himself)  told me, “Your church did a lot for my dad.”  I hope that is true, but it could never compare to what Earl did for our church.

I may or may not get to write about all of those things.  While I’m figuring it out, watch this…video of the first baptisms at our Walkerton Campus last week!

~ by Greg Lee on July 25, 2011.

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