Who’s Who in Liberia?

I’m still amazed how God works to bring people together.  Friendships flourish and partnerships emerge.  Sometimes formal…sometimes informal.  In a very short time, our “rolodex” of relationships to people doing great work in Liberia has exploded.

Still, since not everyone is as close to this as me, I know if I mention a few different groups/projects in the same few sentences, people can be left with their head spinning!  I won’t take the time to explain all the partnerships, but there are 3 very important partners that you hear fairly often around here, so I thought I’d at least give you a snapshot of what these three do, how we are connected to them, and how they are connected to each other.

1.  Impact Liberia.  This is the ministry in Liberia led by Danny Buegar and we’ve supported it heavily since day 1 of Suncrest 17 years ago.  They have planted churches in the past and the vision is to plant more churches. Still, right now, their focus has been working with and strengthening their existing churches since the end of the civil war.  We stay tightly invested even beyond finances with two Suncrest people (David Vineyard and Denise Tribble) on the Board of this mission.

2.  Hope 2 Liberia.  This is a ministry largely driven from the Church in Muncie, IN that we have shared trips with.  Danny Buegar (see above) is their main contact in Liberia right now.  A few Suncrest people are heavily involved too — Mike Robertson is leading their trip to Liberia in November with multiple people from Suncrest going.

Mike writes, “Hope 2 Liberia is going to water the thirsty in Liberia, Africa. With God laying the ground work and leading the way, Hope 2 Liberia is called to not only provide safe drinking water to three and a half million Liberians in need, but to plant 15 Hope Centers throughout the country. The Hope Centers are the backbone for the entire mission operation. Each Hope Center will provide tens of thousands of gallons of safe drinking water daily, and will also be used as a Church, Christian school, and a community center.”  I am a raving fan of Hope 2 and love the difference they making.

3.  Jesus Mission Liberia.  This is Suncrest’s current effort to plant new churches in Liberia.  The Mission Jesus gave in Acts 1:8 is local/regional/global and last year we came together to plant campuses or churches in Highland/Walkerton/Liberia.  Our team from Suncrest looked for partnership with Liberians who had the bandwidth to plant churches immediately AND make them self-supporting (rare in Liberia).  Our Partnership with Joe Lieway (a friend of Danny Buegar’s who will be at Suncrest Sunday) in Liberia has been more than we eve could have asked.  We are now providing start-up funds for a new church in Ganta, trying to invest in a new church in Senjay (see special offering), investing in educating pastors to start new churches, and investing in Rubber Tree farms that provide desperately needed economic development AND are the engine for these churches to be self-sustaining long-term.

The three ministries are distinct in their own ways, but it’s also easy to see the overlap.  We all know Liberia’s needs are more than any of us will accomplish on our own…


~ by Greg Lee on July 21, 2011.

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