My birthday is Saturday…Here is my wish list…

This Sunday at Suncrest we’ll receive a special offering at Suncrest for Church planting in Liberia.  Here is the info.

Special Offering: Planting Self-Sustaining Churches in Liberia




New Church in SenjayA group of people have returned to the village of Senjay after the war and are ready to start a new church there.  This offering could have an immediate impact on this village as a new church is planted.

 $1600 -half acre of prime land

$2450 – Construction of building for 200 people

-$750 – Zinc for roof @ $150 per bundle

-$1700 – Concrete foundation

-Labor and other costs undertaken by the church members.

$2400 – 1st year salary for pastor @ $200/month

$600 – 1st year transportation/fuel costs @ $50/month


$7050 – Total Start-up Cost

Investment in Rubber Tree Plantation The strategy for sustainability of new churches is a “Win-Win”.  We invest in the Liberian economy and workforce with agricultural development.  The resulting profits mean Liberian churches don’t depend on support from the U.S. long-term.

$70/per bag – Fertilizer for return on investment (63 bags)

$100/month – Employment opportunities for plantation workers

Transportation to assist church planting around the country Joe Lieway’s church planting ministry reaches all of Liberia and a reliable vehicle for transportation is their most pressing need.

$10,000 -Mini-van or a four-wheel drive truck

You can contribute to this special offering by making your check to Suncrest and writing “Liberia” in the memo. (Your birthday gift to me is tax deductible too!)

Send it to:

Suncrest Christian Church

10009 Parrish Street

St. John, IN  46373

~ by Greg Lee on July 20, 2011.

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