One Story: God has been Very Good to Us.

The end of June is a checkpoint for us.

We can evaluate the first half of the year and assure plans are on course for the 2nd half.  In church, leaders can get their eyes down in weekly cycle of doing church (Sunday still comes every 7 days!) but I want to make sure we step back at checkpoints to look a the big picture.  No doubt…we are having a good year.

Our Picture is described in one line for me:  God has been very good to us.

Stats never tell the whole story so let me describe what this graph tells me.

1.  We see these numbers grow precisely because we don’t think “numbers”…we think “people”. God has kept that clear.

2.  Our Staff Team is among the best anyone could hope for.  God has brought us together.

3.  Almost 200 volunteer coaches and leaders invest their heart and soul in this ministry.  God uses them to change lives.

4.  Launching campuses has accelerated our growth and broadened our reach. God exposed our limited thinking.

5.  Financial Sacrifice was necessary at every stage.  God has blessed us in response.

6. We are patient with people on their journey toward faith.  God is our model for that.

7.  Blood, sweat, tears, prayer, heartache, and failure all exist underneath the pretty graph.  God doesn’t need us to fake that.

8.  The hard decisions and faith-filled vision of our elders undergird it all.  God guides them.

Things aren’t perfect.  We have major issues we are constantly addressing for the health of our church. But I’ve committed myself to this principle in life:  I will not pray for rain then turn and thank the clouds.  God has been very good to us…and I’m grateful to Him.

~ by Greg Lee on July 7, 2011.

One Response to “One Story: God has been Very Good to Us.”

  1. This is amazing Greg! Suncrest has and will always be a part of me. God is blessing our church. Like you said God doesn’t want us to be fake and it took really hard work to get to this point. As long as we keep looking towards Him, He’ll guide us to even greater things.

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