Sunday Morning Campus Tour – Highland

I walked into the Highland Campus for their second service on Sunday a little after 11:00.  I love their set-up at the Highland Christian School…and I think they love it too other than the “Set-up” part of it!

I had Jackson with me so I went down and checked him in.  I looked down the hallway and saw one of our elders (Bill Davy) who went to help launch this campus teaching our “Life Building” Class (pictured).

Here’s the cool thing…”Life Building is something Suncrest has been doing for 15 years — we have seen hundreds of kids go through the classes (usually elementary aged kids asking more substantial questions about faith and baptism.)  I loved seeing this begin to take root at a campus that is less than a year old.  I’m sure that kids (and some parents) who end up exploring deeper faith also will be baptized after this experience.

Int he Worship service, I walked in to be greeted by people I had never bet before, communion was served by people I had never me, I sat back by the sound board which was being run by a guy I never met (learned later that he plays the drums for them too).  I say all this because this campus has done an amazing job reaching new people AND plugging new people in to roles where they are using their gifts.  Everyone was loving it!

Highland had a cookout after church that I got to stay for and meet lots of other new people.  One lady sent me a friend request on Facebook later that day with this note, “It was great meeting you yesterday at the picnic. All I can say is Thank you! I am truly grateful for what Suncrest has done for me and my family in this short amount of time.”

Love Love Love our Highland Campus!

~ by Greg Lee on June 30, 2011.

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