Sunday Morning Campus Tour – Hobart

On Sunday, I got to make a quick tour of our 3 local campuses — St. John for 8:00/Hobart at 9:30/Highland at 11:00.  I loved the experience, each in their unique way. Thought I’d share a little bit over 3 blog days here…

Hobart Campus

This was my last visit to them in their Movie Theater home (still love how they make these spaces work — see photo from Sunday).  The personal investment of time and skills that MANY volunteers have made in the remodeling effort at their new place is simply stunning to me.  When I come back in August, they will be well settled in their new facility up in the community of Hobart and ramping up for their 3rd anniversary (Wow…can you believe that?).

A few things are always true at Hobart…conversation that lasts long after the service…the people laugh easily in the service and out…this is our most diverse campus (I love that and hope it grows at other campuses too!).

Doug Gamble has led through every new thing there and the way people respect him is obvious.  And why not? He risked big to launch our first campus and he goes the extra mile all the time for the campus (the building project is just one obvious example).

My favorite story from Hobart on Sunday came from a lady serving in our children’s area.  She said her daughter and son-in-law were in from out of town during our May series on “contributing” and were inspired to reconnect with church and this larger purpose in life from that Sunday.  Doug gave them a recommendation of a church he knew in their area and they are already worshipping and serving there in just one month’s time.

Love it.  Love Hobart Campus.  Tomorrow…Highland Campus.


~ by Greg Lee on June 28, 2011.

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