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Tuesday night we announced Jared's transition and Brendon's new role to the students

Things are changing around here all the time, but I thought you’d love to know some shifts going on here on our team and the cool stories behind them.

Brendon Foulke — On Tuesday at our last Student Life Gathering of the year, I announced that Brendon is getting more responsibilities.  He has been Student Life Pastor at the St. John Campus for over a year now and he is now also becoming the “Global Leader” (all campuses) for student ministries.  He has led so well this year and the connection he has with the students is indescribable.  GREAT young leader.

Jared Mehrle — Jared has been both our Highland Campus Pastor and Global Leader (again…all campuses) for Student ministry to mentor Brendon coming in and make a smooth transition.  As Brendon moves into that Global role, Jared has picked up another key leadership role — he is now the Global Leader for Community Groups.  It’s the first time in 6 years that Jared hasn’t been connected to Student Ministry, but his legacy remains all over students lives.  I should blog about that sometime soon.

Bobbie Ruetter — Bobbie is the kind of story that makes Suncrest what it is.  She started attending a few years ago, became part of a community group, then became a community group leader, then became a coach of other leaders in our Community groups.  Now, she has moved into a staff position to lead those coaches and the Community Groups effort at the St. John Campus.  It’s a role I’ve tried to fill for the last couple years,but haven’t given the attention it deserves.  In a very short time she has things on a very healthy track with big plans for the fall.  We are so fortunate to have her.

Those are the big shifts on Ministry staff, but there are always other people stepping up too.

Emily Cioroianu has stepped into the vacant role of helping David Vineyard provide support to our missions/church planting efforts and also our benevolence compassion efforts.

Brian Money has attended suncrest for a while and has stepped into an internship role with David Vineyard and our “Contribute” ministries.

Zach Pugh and Emily Higgenbotham are college students that just arrived this week doing summer internships with Bobby Jackson in our worship Ministry.

Living day in and day out with this team makes for fun days at the office.  As you see them around, offer them a word of encouragement in their new roles…and pray for God to use them in powerful ways.

~ by Greg Lee on May 26, 2011.

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