Discipline, Nights away, Biggest Loser, Spiritual Retreat

I was at a dinner meeting tonight when this piece of cake was set in front of me for dessert. I ate it.  All of it.  Discipline is hard, eh?

Disciplines in front of me right now:

Nights away:  With our elder retreat over the weekend and my meeting away tonight, I’m up to 3 nights away from the family this year.  Quite a change from last year.  I’m turning down opportunities often, but it has been SO worth it.  My next night away isn’t scheduled until August.

Biggest Loser:  I did eat the whole piece of cake, but I still have Nash Propst (Hobart campus worship guy) in range to overtake him soon for the lead of the men’s division!  Get this:  SUNCREST STAFF has lost over 125 pounds in the last 6 weeks during our competition.

Spiritual Retreat: I’ve talked to Jenny about this and talked with the elders about it on our retreat.  As good as God has been to me and our church, there are times I feel like I’m leading and teaching with “just enough” spiritual vitality inside of me.  And nothing will feed that longing except extended time with God.  I’m looking for the right time and place soon to “retreat” for some reflection, prayer, and listening.  But it won’t happen until I schedule it and that takes discipline.

What is the place in your life where you just need to choose discipline?

~ by Greg Lee on May 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Discipline, Nights away, Biggest Loser, Spiritual Retreat”

  1. I had a mini-retreat once at the Oriental Buffet. Of course, you’d want to wait til the Biggest Loser is over for that. Seriously, though, I took my Bible, journal, and planner, and had a nice extended lunch with God.He’s great company!
    The monastery on Parrish would be nice. I was told you can park at the top of the hill and walk the grounds.Stations of the cross are there, too.
    Don’t forget, there’s always the Harvest Prayer Center, although it’s quite a drive. I wonder about LRCA or the Bible Conference Grounds?

    • Thanks for the leads. Trying to decide if I’ll be better off doing something self-directed or actually utilize some of the programs that are out there.

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