Let’s help Hobart Campus Kids!

If the spirit at our leader’s gathering last night told me anything at all, it is that our church has fallen in love with being one church in 4 locations.

So, I love every opportunity for our campuses to help each other.  You probably know about…

  • the amazing way our Hobart campus was given a building
  • the amazing way volunteers there have worked every Saturday since November
  • the amazingly small budget we are doing the re-hab of the building on
  • AND the AMAZING opportunity this facility gives the campus to  be a presence in the Hobart Community.

We are within a month of moving in and I have one SIMPLE way people from all campuses can help.  We want to outfit the children’s ministry with the elements that create a powerful first impression for every family that comes through.  When you add up all the elements that could make that happen, it gets expensive.

So, how about instead of adding them all up, we split them all up and each tackle a small part?  Our team has created a list of desired items at Target’s Website.  There are items that range from $3 to $500 so I think there could be something for everyone.

I just went there and bought a few things myself and it was so simple.  I picked items from the list and paid for the  items, but they are shipping directly to Suncrest.  If you would rather get it in store and bring it to the church you can do that too.

Click here for the link to the Suncrest//Hobart list.  Happy shopping…and thanks for doing a small part to support and encourage one of our campuses.

~ by Greg Lee on May 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Let’s help Hobart Campus Kids!”

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! Can’t wait to print the list and start shopping! So glad to contribute our church family and to Suncrest kids!

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