Passion Services

I get lots of encouraging comments coming my way about our passion services this week.  My observations…

1.  I had almost nothing to do with it.  It’s the gift of a great team and great volunteers.  Every year I focus on Easter and others (Doug Gamble has always played a huge role) create the passion experience.  I was as blessed by it as anyone else.

2.  The services were 85% led by volunteers.  Our church would die immediately without so many volunteers serving in a VERY wide variety of roles, seen and unseen.

3.  Sitting in the round reminds us that Jesus didn’t just die for me, he died for us.  It is something we share and what gives us our identity as a “Body of Christ”.

4.  Our son sat in for his first Passion Service.  Generated a great conversation afterward.  Use every teachable moment you have with your kids!

5.  It is always fun to be together as one church.  Saw people from all 4 campuses last night.

5.  Our only mistake was underestimating the interest!  When you set up for a few hundred people and then have almost 500 show up Friday night we were scrambling to find places to put people.  Looks like we will be adding services next year somehow.

~ by Greg Lee on April 23, 2011.

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