Voices from the past…

A couple weeks ago, I was cleaning something out and came across a 7-year-old Suncrest Picture directory.  Remember those things?  It was a walk down memory-lane when kids where much younger, people weren’t married yet, hair was different colors, etc.  We’ve all been there. (And, no, we aren’t going to do another one.)

The biggest thing that struck me, though, was how many people have moved away in a short period of 7 years.  Northwest Indiana isn’t the most transient place on earth, but it struck me why building a church, developing leaders, etc is so stinking hard.  A lot of people you invest in move away!

Sean and Deb Flynn were just one of those families we really enjoyed hanging around, but a few years ago they moved to another state.  An email popped up in my inbox the other day from them and I thought it said a lot about you, Suncrest.  (My favorite part won’t surprise you…they nailed the mission statement at the end :-).)

Hi Pastor Greg,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I occasionally see a posting from you on Facebook, looks like things are good. I also see where Suncrest is growing!!  I just wanted to say how much Deb and I truly enjoyed all that Suncrest had to offer…We appreciated that when we were members but even more now that we have attended and served at other churches. The benchmark was set quite high..;-)

As Suncrest grows, we pray that at it’s core, it will always remain that awesome little church between the corn fields being used by God to change lives.

All of our Best,
Sean, Deb, Ian & Mac.

~ by Greg Lee on March 18, 2011.

One Response to “Voices from the past…”

  1. Greg, as I read your message this week it resounded lood in my soul!!! I have missed Suncrest and the body of believers tremendously. I can only start with myself, and I will be there on Sunday to begin again with the gift that God blessed me with, and thats WORSHIP!!! Thank you for your messages, and allowing God to use you….

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