Charlie Sheen to Liberia and everything in between…

So much to write. So little time.  Here it goes…

1.  We are getting some brief, but inspiring updates from the team in Liberia.  400-500 kids for VBS and 100 leaders for training.  Water systems moving forward.  You can read short updates from people on the trip by clicking here and here and here.

2. Bobby and Beka Jackson had their baby!   They are both just incredible leaders and teachers in our ministry.  Silas Levi Jackson is child number 5 for them…the picture is Silas being held by big brother Cooper.

3.  I know it has provided a few laughs for people, but I’ve seen self-destruction play out in so many lives that the Charlie Sheen saga is hitting me in ways that are painful.  The folks that inspired our “People of the Second Chance” series wrote this blog post about it.  I couldn’t agree more.

4.  I asked many to pray for a man in January who was facing a surgery with such slim chances that he was saying his good-byes to his young children.  Yesterday I visited him in his home again doing amazingly well.  I’m as guilty as anyone of praying for something and then not acknowledging God as the source when great things happen.  I was humbly reminded of a power only God has.

5.  Thinking about John Wasem on his birthday today.  Suncrest wouldn’t exist without his faith and vision.  He was (and is) the guy in my life who made all the difference for me when it comes to ministry.

6.  Highland Campus did incredible with their outreach event “Nacho Average Winter Escape”.  The leaders (especially staff and Robyn Delgado!) rocked and all the campuses came together to make it a success.  Love the power of multi-site.

7.  Jack received the good citizen award for his 1st grade class this week.  Makes me one Proud Padre.

8.  Prepping for a very challenging message this weekend about how sin has made our world a broken place.  Sobering to think so continually about this all week.

~ by Greg Lee on March 3, 2011.

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