Walkerton Campus Pictures – Something out of Nothing

Calm before the Storm...a cafeteria transformed

I got to be at our Walkerton Campus on Sunday for the first time. Click on the pictures if you want to enlarge them.

I’m tempted to write a blog post so long no one would read it.  I’ll resist.  When I prayed with the team before the service something inside of me compelled me to thank God for how he alone continually “makes something out of nothing”.  Think about this…

During the storm. Great crowd. Great band.

-Suncrest had NO original vision for this campus.  It wasn’t in the strategic plan.

-Suncrest had NO launch team for this campus.  Sending 50-100 people from existing campuses wasn’t even realistic.

-Suncrest had NO clue about ministry outside of the suburbs. The dynamics are just different.

After the storm. Tearing down "Church in a Box"

-Suncrest had NO budget to launch this.  No Fear…our teams might be the best in the world at doing more with less.

So what is a church to do? We prayed about it, asked if it aligned with our mission, saw God beginning to fill gaps…and went for it.

Hospitality was off the charts

Out of Nothing…God has created something incredible.  When we trusted him, he aligned the plan with the mission of Acts 1:8 that was burning inside of us.  We are constantly learning how to do this across a greater distance and in a smaller community.  We still lack resources — the $80,000 launch budget from Jesus Mission generosity is 1/3 of the amount most campuses launch with.

One Church. Four Locations.

What we don’t lack 5 months after launch are people encountering God and results beyond expectations.  On Sunday (remember…NO launch team), there were 105 people there.  The hospitality was genuine, worship was excellent, the Children’s ministry was thriving, and the vision for reaching out to the community was palpable.

Classrooms transformed

I love what God is creating through Andy and the team (staff and volunteers) in Walkerton.  Something out of nothing.

You can see how they transform an elementary school into church each week, including creative concepts like seating in rows at the front of the room and tables in the back.  If you are at one of our other campuses and up for nice Sunday drive, you should check it out sometime!

~ by Greg Lee on February 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Walkerton Campus Pictures – Something out of Nothing”

  1. Thank you for sharing God’s Word with us at Walkerton! It was blessing to me and my family! We have been looking for a chruch for so long to call home and Suncrest Walkerton is it. Andy and his staff have been a blessing!

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