Mike, DePaul Basketball, Respect, and my Son

I received a great gift yesterday…on many levels.  First, i saw a great Big East basketball game where DePaul came within seconds of upsetting Villanova.  Better yet, our whole family got to share the day with great seats and great company.

Mike with Jackson after the game.

We went to the game to watch Mike Bizoukas.  If you follow region basketball, you know he was a star at Munster High School and is now one of the captains for DePaul University. He’s a great player.  Not flashy.  Makes everyone around him better.  Hard-nosed defender.  Leave it all on the floor.

That and much more make him the exact kind of guy I’d love for my son to look up to.  When he took a couple minutes after a tough loss to spend a little time with Jackson, I was so impressed.

Jack spotted Mike's cardboard cut-out on the way in

Mike won all through High School and his time with DePaul has been a different story.  There’s actually a feature story today in the Times about Mike and how he is now dealing with losing.  DePaul’s coach had a few quotes in the article and obviously has the same respect for Mike that a lot of us do, saying “I think he gives a team that is going through difficult circumstances a big lift.” Click here for the whole article.

One last thing.  Yesterday only qualified as my 2nd favorite day with Mike.  My favorite was the day he baptized his mom at Suncrest last year.  This guy knows what really matters…

~ by Greg Lee on February 20, 2011.

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