Bon Jovi, Relationships, Cheaters, and Texting

I loved Sunday at Suncrest because I thought the whole service embodied who we are.

1.  Bon Jovi – Suncrest is a fun place where we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Where else can you get a very well-done cover of “You Give Love a Bad Name” to start the service?

2.  Communion — We have had two weeks in a row that have just been uniquely powerful leading into communion.  I love our worship teams and the way they lead us to encounter the cross and God’s grace in amazing ways.

3. Cheaters Spoof – Now, that was funny…and it opened up a challenging topic in a way that gets our guard down.  Who knew that Mark (our volunteer who created the entire video) had a friend who could play the host so perfectly?

4. Texting – We think the best worship and teaching are engaging and interactive, not just a “sit and listen” experiences.  Having people text in their questions and try to answer them on the spot creates the beginning of a great dialog.

5.  Priorities – The whole basis behind the message “Choosing to Cheat” is the understanding that we get things totally messed up when we give our time, energy, and attention toward less important things in our lives while more important things are left without.  This shows up in all kinds of ways, but I came across this video from Steven Covey that I’ve used before (the outfits give it away as an early 1990’s presentation).

This is worth 6 minutes of your time  – and if you are familiar with the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” it has some insightful humor too.

~ by Greg Lee on February 15, 2011.

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