“It helps us keep our commitment to God…”

Does that picture look like one from a museum somewhere?  Welcome to a world where half the people under 30 don’t even have a checkbook!

A conversation has mushroomed around here in the last 6 months about how people give.  We have more people than ever asking about online giving, automated giving, even kiosks and giving by smartphone.

Suncrest is exploring all those options right now and we have ONE that has been available for a little while – Automated Giving from a checking or savings account.  You should check it out because I’ve heard more than one person tell me it is essentially their “secret weapon” to help them be disciplined to give.

Here is a note that Matt and Kristen Hankins — a young couple from our Highland Campus — sent me last week.

I would say that the automated giving is a great way to consistently give within our means. We would often forget the checkbook on Sundays and with Matt not working, it was really tough to write that larger check as the tithing was continually forgotten. Now, I am able to give freely and without worry. It also frees up the ability to give when we feel we can give more than we budgeted for in our automatic tithing. It helps us keep our commitment to God without breaking the bank or having guilt for forgetting.

It sounds like a great source of  Peace to me.  This is how Jenny and I give.  For us, it is practical and spiritual.  It is easy for us (and easier/cheaper for the church). More importantly, it is decision to say the first part of our income each month is going back to God and we will adjust the wants and needs of our lives around that.

If you are interested in giving this way, just check out the brochures this Sunday or in the mailing with your 2010 contribution records.

~ by Greg Lee on January 27, 2011.

2 Responses to ““It helps us keep our commitment to God…””

  1. This is my first time I’ve experienced and heard Financial Peace taught to me and it continually amazes me what I’m learning and continue to learn. My cousins have told me they’ve been through it and improved their financial picture …. I thought I’d benefit too… and I have, better yet, I am …. and without any cost from my wallet.

    My new years resolution was — and is — to double my tithe this year. In Malachi the Lord tells us we rob him in tithes and offerings, and in same chapter he says “Bring me the whole tithe into the storehouse…. Test me in this, says the Lord Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates in heaven and poour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it” …. doubling my tithe, I learn, is one way I desire to honor the Lord with my offering…

    Thanks to Financial Peacee I’m learning now what I should have years ago and encouraging me to be a better steward…. it’s HIS money and HE’s entrusted what he has to my care and He’s watching how I’m managing what isn’t mine …. money. It may be in my pocket and checkbook but HE is the sole provider.

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