Comfort Zones…

One of the things I love about Suncrest is how much people love to talk about the various things we teach – even the messages about giving!

This week Mike Budack sent me the email below and it struck me what he said about comfort zones.  He and his wife Ann are a great picture of people who have found a home at Suncrest, have begun serving and finding friendships.  I share this note about how their giving has evolved with his permission.  It will resonate with many, I’m sure.

My wife and I did not attend church before coming to Suncrest therefore our established spending habits did not include tithing.  Once we decided to make Suncrest our home, we started to give. The tough part was changing our existing spending habits.

We eased into tithing by increasing slowly over a period of time but never really went “all-in”. We always made excuses (primarily me) on why we couldn’t bump the amount too aggressively despite continued blessings in my career. I kept on setting road blocks on why not to increase i.e. wait until the car is paid off, wait until savings is $x, etc. and never truly put my faith in what I believe.

When the Jesus Mission was announced, my wife and I discussed and prayed on what we should give. Our goal was not to have the Jesus Mission affect our normal giving. In order to do this, we (primarily me) definitely were pushed out of our comfort zone. Come to find out our spending habits “magically” shifted to accommodate for the extra giving. We now look at the Jesus Mission as a blessing as it opened our eyes to give what was already there.

I love who Mike and Ann are and who they are becoming in faith. My righteous one will live by faith…-Hebrews 10:38

~ by Greg Lee on January 27, 2011.

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