Hobart Building Rehab…Pictures Included!

worship space...and current staging area

As I’ve written about before, Suncrest had a church building in Hobart given to us for our Hobart campus.  Wild, eh?


It's amazing the life some new paint brings

What is really wild is how many volunteers come Saturday after Saturday (and more than a few evenings in between) update/rehab the space for our use.  I’ve included some pictures here, but you’ll have to get over there yourself to experience it.


Painting and Lunch Prep in the Kitchen

Most impressive…seeing a multi-campus church working together.

creating a cool "commons area"

The number of Hobart attenders that are there week after week is amazing to me. Their “buy-in” on this project is not only what will make the rehab successful (and pretty inexpensive), but it is why we are so confident that this move will be a difference-maker for their ministry.

Nash and Daniel still doing destruction

Also cool…the number of St. John campus people there. Some community groups have gone to work and there were quite a few individuals painting today.  Might be two campuses (or 4),   but ALWAYS one church.


Teens hanging out in their freshly painted orange room



~ by Greg Lee on January 15, 2011.

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  1. Go Team!

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