Friends and the Big 10 adventure

Yesterday was an annual trek for my good friend Gordon Barker and me.  After visiting a few Big 10 basketball arenas together about a dozen years ago, we decided to try to visit every one.  I grew up as an Illini fan (and always will be), but have been swayed to Purdue by Gordon’s influence so we mostly have seen the Boilers play.

Last night, we completed our adventure to all 11 stadiums by visiting “The Barn” in Minnesota. (Though Nebraska joins the Big 10 next year…so there will be one more!).

View out the front. Gave up co-pilot seat this year.

The last two trips have been even more interesting because Penn State and Minnesota are almost impossible to do in one day’s drive.  So, with the kindness of a another friend who has access to a small plane and knows how to fly it, we expanded our group to 6, had everyone chip in for gas, and flew to those places.

Jerry and Jeff in the back...

I’ve included some pictures from our adventure yesterday.  Great friends.  Fun Adventure.  The only thing we were missing was Purdue Victory.

My seat-mate. "We have clearance, Clarence. Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?"

~ by Greg Lee on January 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Friends and the Big 10 adventure”

  1. Awesome! If you decide on another conference you’ll need extra gas and an extra friend! PAC 10? Pick me, pick me!

  2. Sweet heavens! Yeah!!!

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