Accurate Press…Suncrest Profile

A lot of people are skeptical of what they read these days in the “news”.  Count me among them.  I’ve been misquoted or mis-represented (accidentally, I think) more than once.

Maybe that’s why I cringe a little when reporters call.  So, I think it’s worth noting when someone gets it right.  Last month Sue Bero from The Times called me to do a profile for the paper.  She was easy to work with, had good questions and we had a great conversation.

And she let me push the attention to the church and what I love about how Suncrest is impacting the community.  I couldn’t have been happier with it when it came out last week.  The only thing I cringed at was the picture….gotta update that!

Click here if you are interested in the profile.

~ by Greg Lee on January 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Accurate Press…Suncrest Profile”

  1. Excited to be part of Suncrest. Just want to serve Jesus.

  2. My my Greg! I didn’t think you were soo vain. Must admit the pix was an exact likeness of you. In fact it was what drew me into the article while perusing the paper Saturday morning. Actually, I too, thought it was well written. I’m just glad I’ve gotten to know you long before I “got to know you” in the Times.

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