New Commercial…Apple vs. Google?

Everyone knows the Mac vs. PC commercials from a few years ago.  I actually use (and like) a PC, but it didn’t matter.  It was easy to love Mac and their commercials.  The message was straightforward (and true).  PC’s are clunky to use and feel old.  Mac’s are simple to use and feel cool.  So, I put a Mac sticker on my PC…

My observation is that a new set of commercials could come out any time now with a new twist.  The slight difference being that it would be on a company level more than a product level:  Apple vs. Google

Apple is about premium pricing.  Google is about Free.

Apple is high control. Google is high collaboration.

Apple is about style.  Google is about Substance.

You might agree or want to argue.  There are similarities too…both highly value simplicity.

The news this week is that Google’s Android system has now overtaken Apple’s iPhone system in popularity among smart phone users.  Bigger news than that is the direction of trends (Android way up, iPhone steady, and Blackberry sinking fast).  It’s worth noting you can only get Apple’s system on one phone (iPhone) and currently from one provider – AT&T (high control).  Android is open to any phone manufacturer and any provider (high collaboration).

Here is my point for a techie post today.  Google is my preference, but I think people miss it when they say one is good and the other isn’t.  Obviously both companies are quite successful at what they are doing. In fact, maybe they are successful because they both know who they are and aren’t trying to be something else.

Do you?

~ by Greg Lee on January 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “New Commercial…Apple vs. Google?”

  1. I suppose. You miss one point. Google is not free. 95% of their yearly revenue is from advertising. You watch, Android will become increasingly ad-rich over time.

    • Good thoughts, Christopher. That is accurate and should be part of the package.

      What I still like is the choice on two levels. One…I can choose whether some ads are worth getting my phone for free vs. paying $200. People will have different preferences. Two…though Google gets 95% of their income from ads, they don’t have ads on 95 percent of their products. I’m using Google Calendar, Reader, Documents, Gmail all without ads. And overall, they do ads right – in the sidebar.

      You could actually argue Apple’s ads are actually more intrusive, they just happen to promote stuff by apple so it isn’t technically considered advertising…just pick any page on their website and they are trying to sell you all kinds of stuff.

  2. You are wrong Apple is better. OK I just wanted to be the annoying Apple fan that said that. I don’t actually care that much or believe it is true for everyone.

    I think it really just depends on what you want and what you are willing to pay for what you want. I feel like PC stuff is too clunky, Google stuff is too simple and that is why I like Apple. But if you don’t mind that stuff…you get to spend your money on other things that are probably more important. And you don’t have the guilt of wasting money on a premium product.

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