People who inspire me…

We introduced two new staff members at our all-staff meeting on Tuesday.

Pilar Lis and Allie Doyle are both taking on part-time roles in our children’s ministry at our Highland and Hobart Campuses.  Everyone around here knows we just landed two incredible people!  Both of these women have had their faith take on new and powerful dimensions at Suncrest.

Pilar had been away from church a long time before she and her husband came to the Hobart Campus 2 years ago.  Allie said yesterday her defining moment was coming up to be baptized (along with her husband and 81 others!) on that cold day last February.  From there to staff member…because God writes incredible stories in our lives when we let Him use us.

It gets better….I put them on the spot for a short interview in front of the other staff and asked them random questions.  When I asked them, “Who is your favorite non-staff member at Suncrest?”  They both immediately said together “Julie Coons!”.  To our great disappointment, the Coons family relocated for a job last year, but Julie’s legacy is all over this place.

You know who inspires me?  Pilar.  Allie.  Julie.  Anyone…who lets God use them to change lives.

~ by Greg Lee on January 6, 2011.

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