2010 Lee Family Christmas Letter

We can’t send this letter by snail mail to everyone, so here is the e-version of the 2010 Lee Family Christmas Letter.

Dear Family and Friends,

2010 was fun.  And sad.  And stretching.  And powerful.

My goal with this Christmas letter every year is actually pretty hard as Christmas letters go: Don’t fake it. Our family is extremely fortunate and we are grateful to God and many people for it.  Still, real life is challenging. Your life is a lot different than ours if you haven’t had a big challenge or two (or 10) this year. And God works through that too. Here’s our snapshot at the end of the year…

Abby is 4 and Jack is 7 now. That means pre-school and first grade. And dance class, soccer, T-ball, golf-camp, and church stuff. They both love their cats, their new fish, creating multiple forms of art and hanging out with their friends.

We think Jackson was made for school. He craves reading, but seems to love a math challenge even more. He enjoys art and music just as much as recess, where he claims, “The girls won’t leave me alone.” (Jenny chaperoned one of his field trips this fall and witnessed the other side of that story.) He decided to be a veterinarian for Halloween… because he wanted to take our cats trick-or-treating! He likes watching the news and talking about what is going on in the world, wanting to understand everything.

We think Abby was made for the stage, as long as it is in our living room. She loves to dance, sing, dress up like Cinderella, model new clothes, and has a dramatic flair… at least around those she knows well. In public, she avoids the spotlight, telling us to “be quiet” on the sidelines of her soccer games. Her emotions run close to the surface and change dramatically in a short period of time. She informed me this year, “Dad, I can get you to do anything I want.” That is mostly true.

We are thankful that our kids are blessed with incredible cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents. The sad part of this year was saying an earthly good-bye to Jenny’s Grandma Iney, who richly blessed our lives and many others over her 91 years.

Besides teaching insurance classes, volunteering at Jack’s school, and leading the visual presentation team at church, Jenny went on another mission trip to Liberia in February. Now she is part of the team at Suncrest that is leading our effort to start new churches there.  They are making sure that any church we start will have an economic development component. It not only makes the church sustainable, but also provides innovation, development, and job opportunities in a country that remains in desperate need.

For me, it’s been a year to stretch and be stretched.  Suncrest risked a lot, launching two new campuses along with the Liberian church planting. God has blessed almost anything you can count… the most important being “How many stories are there of God reshaping lives?” I love that. I had a separate trip to Liberia and one to India that kept me away from home for about a month. That, on top of everything else, created the most demanding year I’ve ever had. I’m very thankful for the staff and leaders at our church who are all in this together (and figuring it out as we go!)

Thanks for your friendship, love, and support. Whether we see each other every day or haven’t seen each other in years, you mean a lot to us. Pray for us and we will pray for you. And this Christmas… take time to be utterly fascinated by the Christ-child. God is with us in Him.

Merry Christmas!

Greg, Jenny, Jackson, and Abby

~ by Greg Lee on December 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “2010 Lee Family Christmas Letter”

  1. Like the picture, love the story. Full disclosure, I love the picture too. Merry Christmas from the Morin’s!

  2. Nathan & I wish you and your family a wonderfully blessed Christmas Greg! Thanks for everything you do!

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