The Perfect* Christmas

That is the title of our two-week message series starting Sunday:  The Perfect* Christmas

I need your help:  What do you need/want to make Christmas perfect for you this year?

Tell me what it would be for you in the comments section below.  Thanks!



~ by Greg Lee on December 9, 2010.

31 Responses to “The Perfect* Christmas”

  1. Perfect? I would settle for good. Perfect is an impossibility. Perfect is a picture on a Hallmark card, it’s fake and it just doesn’t exist. I think the closest we will get to a pefect Christmas is when we stop getting our hopes up that things will be perfect.

    Ideally, I would love to just stay home. No travel, no busyness, no rushing, no stress. Oh, and if Claire could sleep all night that would be nice too 🙂

  2. a people spiritually ready to grow and change the world, seeing the sparks I have seen ignite in the hearts of the people to change this community!

  3. When I think of Christmas, I think of “new” things…wants and needs wrapped up neatly; presented with tenderness and excitement. But what about giving a new attitude to our purpose for living?… a re-newed mind to serving others…a New mindset to how we act, speak and treat others especially those we see every single day? Why not wrap that up in a beautiful box and give that? How long would it last? Would it break quickly…or burst into something wonderful? What would be “perfect” cannot be achieved – only strived for, but it must be daily – it must be active…..This is feeling too deep…WHEW!

  4. For me the perfect Christmas would include my family being together without fighting, and huge smiles on the kids’ faces when they open their presents. For me the perfect Christmas is really about that feeling you get when you know everyone is together and safe and happy, even if it is only for a short while.

  5. A fresh cup of coffee and my kids smiling faces!

  6. My husband and I are having our first child in the coming new year. Even though the baby will not be with us by Christmas; we are praying for a healthy child to be brought to us. That would be the greatest blessing that the Lord our God could bring us this Christmas.

  7. The perfect Christmas for me would be the family together worshiping and happy, stress free, and enjoying the company of one another and celebrating the birth of Jesus not the idea of which and how many presents there are. Nothing is ever perfect but I just hope for a day that everyone will appreciate their health, happiness, well being, and the gift of life that is so precious. Those of us that have these “gifts” tend to take them for granted so often.

  8. The “Perfect CHRISTmas” for me is spending time with the people that I love most in life, the people who make my life wonderful and fullfilling…the people who are “my life”…my family and friends! I have found that most of the people in my life these days are faithful, GOD-loving people and this is so important to me…it has become very important to me as I get older and strive to become a better CHRISTian every day of my life. Spending time with these special people in my life makes CHRISTmas more of what it should be, what it’s meant to be! Sharing my blessings and good fortune with those less fortunate also makes for a Perfect CHRISTmas for me…this is much more rewarding to me than getting gifts…my entire life is a gift!

  9. I wish my husband would rid his self of the “keep at arm’s length” syndrome so he would be able to feel real closeness to others. Being close has it’s vulnerability though it’s worth the chance to be connected. There’s no way around it. Either you’re all in or not. You can’t hide it or fake it. Does God want us to love at arm’s length? How? Possible? Christmas is LOVE and CLOSENESS with our dearest, most precious relationships. Enjoy and be thankful for every one that you are blessed with. I am hoping for a no holds barred loving Christmas. XX’s & OO’s
    Thanks for asking…..

  10. How to love people completely – tis the season for us all to be with our family members and that sometimes brings about uncomfortableness and judgments as well as negative and non-helpful conversations behind backs. I know God loves everyone so why is it so hard for us to love people at times? Regardless of what we might not agree with, regardless of how they act – how can we love them completely as God does and be that light to them this holiday season?

  11. Perfect? Impossible. I’d settle for good enough. It would be nice if my husband and both kids would go to maybe one service, not just me by myself. It would be nice if the husband got involved this time of year, not just with a church but anything to do with Christmas. That, and no whining, arguing, complaining, etc. would be nice.

  12. My Christmas would be amazing if my loved ones that don’t know Jesus would let Him into their hearts and accept Him as their saviour!

  13. To show concern for others, especially those that we know have had to deal with difficult situations i.e. health issues, lonliness, death of a loved one or ones. I think loving others who feel lost and lonely would reflect our Saviours character. It is so easy to get lost in the crowd, and although I know that Suncrest would help anyone who asks, we must keep our eyes open at all times looking for people who are floundering. It is an easy thing to spot, just look in their eyes.

  14. The perfect christmas to me would be one where the entire family is together, celebrating the birth of Christ, and reminiscing about all the great things He has done for us. It would be a christmas where there is no sickness with family members and where my neice is placed with our family and not an abusive, non-caring, non-interactive family.

  15. The Perfect Christmas for this year would be for a breakthrough of some sort for Lori’s ankle to where we feel she’ll make a full or nearly full recovery. Also, for me it would be really nice to have plenty of downtime along with good quality family time.

  16. The perfect Christmas for me – spending the entire day remembering the first Christmas and what that has meant for our world, and for me. “God with us…”

  17. The perfect Christmas for me is to spend time with all of my family and to see the joy on all the kids faces during this magical time of Christmas. Sometimes life gets so busy that you don’t have enough time to spend with your entire family, and this time of year seems to be the exception to that.

  18. It would include political leaders who give more attention to public good than private gain; me more courageously standing for the needs of others; me communicating fresh ways of seeing and sharing God’s presence and love (as we do in the baby Jesus). Great question.

  19. The perfect Christmas would be as Linus Said” Peace on earth, goodwill toward men

  20. My perfect Christmas, would be for my loved ones to lead a CHRIST centered life…leave the Sunday morning mentality behind! To experience God’s love, feel the joy of sharing His love with others, and to give freely of yourself…no holding back!

  21. The perfect Christmas for me would be to wake up on Christmas morning and see the headline in the newspaper boldly declaring WORLD PEACE! ALL WAR IS OVER! and all soldiers would be going home to their loved ones. God would be very pleased with mankind and our Savior would be smiling down upon us. Now that would be a perfect Christmas! God bless us one and all

  22. I believe that if Christmas, here on earth, could be perfect it would be a time of worship. A time when the whole earth would worship the creator of the universe for the birth of his son, Jesus. Also, that we could find satisfaction and complete Joy in that and that alone. Someday!!

  23. Perfect for me would be to get myself and my family back to the heart of Christmas. You know the things that don’t come in a box. Instead of being stressed this time of year we should be rejoicing the birth of Jesus Christ and all he has done for us.

  24. Getting to spend time with my family.

  25. HD Samsung to replace my 14 year Sony Trinitron. Simple conversation with loved ones reflecting on the year wherever that leads us.

  26. The Perfect Christmas for me for all of us Christ-follow to find the followers-to-be and lead them to a rewarding relationship with the Lord by example, speech, conduct … would be that all peoples —- differnet languages, tribes, cultures, races, religions, church backgrounds, even unchurched and lost souls who need the Lord — all pray for the peace of Jerusalem and especially in midst of war overseas — that Jews, Christians, Arabs, Israels, Palestinians and all in the war zones strive for peace and to love our enemies (hardest part for me), our neighbors, co-workers, for those we love at arm’s length.To all who have family members serving abroad to return to home soil and be at home with their families again.

  27. If I’m like most people I have a Christmas wish list, but perhaps our focus should not what we will receive with money we have , it should be what we HAVE received with no money and with no strings attached: the Blessed Lord went to the Cross to die for our sins, was crucified, buried and rose again on the 3rd day ! That’s the BEST Christmas gift I’ve ever received — more than just Christmas gift, a life changing gift we are inspired to share year round and lead them to the Lord!

  28. My perfect Christmas would be to have my dear mother with us again. (She passed away 3 years ago). We put up our tree yesterday and many of the ornaments were from her and my Dad. Each of us three girls got a new ornament each year. This extended into our adult lives also.
    For those of you still fortunate to have your mother and/or your father, cherish these times, even the family squabbling.
    “…What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” James 4:14
    Secondly, a perfect Christmas would be for my husband to have a job. This is the 5th out of the last 6 Christmases he has been unemployed. Suncrest has been a huge help for a few of those Christmases. Our family puts a face to the benevolant offering/fund.
    God Bless everyone!

  29. The only perfect Christmas was when our Savior Jesus Christ was born to offer us salvation and be the light of the world.

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