Week 10 Prediction

Bears 21 – Vikings 20

Love this picture.  Someone loves Photoshop.

The Bears had a pretty weak win against a very weak Bills team last Sunday.  The Vikings looked equally poor except for a dramatic last quarter turn around.  I guess I look at this game as a test for both and I actually think the Vikings are even more dysfunctional than the Bears.

And I want to see Favre lose!

~ by Greg Lee on November 13, 2010.

7 Responses to “Week 10 Prediction”

  1. I hope I’m wrong and I’d love to see the Bears win, but I’m guessing the Vikings will win in blowout fashion. Cutler is do for a stinker.

  2. Does more talent and more dysfunction equate to losing to the Bears? I’m giving it to the Vikings .

    • Hey John…you may be right. I miss hanging out a little bit. Let’s find a reason to soon.

      • Greg,

        Been wanting to now for more than a couple of weeks. I thought you’d never ask! I figured I’d hold off and give you some time since your return trip from India. How’s this Friday looking?

  3. Greg…I took the Vikings defense on my fantasy team this week, just in honor of our match-up.


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