Who gets the credit?

This post was prompted by something that happened on the stage Sunday.  I’ll fill you in on the story in a minute.

Whether it is a President, CEO, head coach, or pastor, for a long time people have debated how much credit or blame leaders are actually responsible for when it comes to the performance of their company, team, organization, etc.  I think the conventional wisdom says we probably assign both credit and blame to them too quickly…but where else can you put it? (And we CRAVE to put it somewhere.)

Full disclosure here…I’ve thought about this from time to time about myself.  I’ve definitely had good seasons and not-so-good seasons of leadership and fruitful and not-so-fruitful seasons of ministry.  (Interestingly, they haven’t always correlated.)

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what an incredible place Suncrest is and how good God has been to us for all 16 of our years.  It is something most churches and pastors dream of.  I’ve been able to live it.  The last few years have been wild at Suncrest with expansion and (most importantly) story after story after story of people experiencing God at work in their lives.  And now, I’m finding people are directing credit at me.  Sometimes in ways that are almost silly.  Often in ways that are just kind and encouraging.  And usually…incorrectly.

On Sunday at the St. John Campus, people applauded spontaneously when Charlie Talley mentioned a group that formed to help him learn how to read…and read the Bible.  He said he’s learned more about the Bible in the last 2 months than his previous 48 years.  Very Cool. (You can read the background of this story here and an update on it here.)  Then he said something like “I’m so thankful to Greg for getting this group started.”

And I sat there very uncomfortable.  I know a few people worked really hard to make this group happen.  I’m just not one of them.

Encourage it? Yes.

Give it some promotion? When I was asked.

Responsible for it? Only if “not getting in the way and screwing it up” counts as great leadership!  🙂

On our staff, Bobby ran with the idea and Laurie did much of the legwork.  Volunteers who attend various campuses make it happen each week.  I know them.  They don’t do it for praise.  But if credit is being handed out, they deserve it.

And that happens all the time around here! Campus launches have been incredible because of Campus pastors and launch teams.  Over 100 women are finding connection at Morning Grace because of more than a dozen leaders and co-leaders.  We are busting at the seams with Students on Tuesday nights because of Brendon and many adults who REALLY love teens. Churches will get planted in Liberia because of David and his team.

The list could go on…forever.  And in the midst of writing it, I’d probably make the same mistake others make about me.  I can hear David saying right now, “I don’t deserve the credit.  I’m just grateful for Rod, Gordon, Denise, Jenny, Bobbie, and Dan.”

I know it sounds simplistic, but in the end I think the answer is to just…Praise God.  Give him the credit.  Never forget that He works through us AND in spite of us to really do the changing in people’s lives.

And do thank people. You should probably look at least one “layer” below what seems like the obvious place.  And not even for anything they have done, but just for putting themselves in a spot where God can use them.

~ by Greg Lee on November 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Who gets the credit?”

  1. One of the best posts I’ve read anywhere in a long time. Thank you.

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