Big News for Suncrest // Hobart

Suncrest Hobart is moving!  Doug Gamble announced it Sunday and I think it worth celebrating across all campuses.

The Hobart campus has had God’s fingerprints all over it since it’s conception.  A church closing partnered with us to fund the launch and (more importantly) send some great people to help serve and get the campus off the ground.  For two years now the campus has met at a the Showplace 12 by the Mall and we’ve seen a lot of people taking steps of faith (lots of baptisms in the clip below!)

Now, Suncrest has been given a church building (and a neighboring house) that will become our new home for the Hobart Campus.  It needs some work (which is already underway) and we plan to move in early 2011.  Receiving this type of donation is an amazing blessing all by itself, but there is even more we are excited about with the move.

1.  We will be in Hobart. The theater has a Hobart address, but that is all.  This is our chance to become part of the fabric of that community.  We don’t want to be a “come and see” church as much as one that cares for its own community so this is an incredible opportunity.

2.  We will have a 24/7 presence. The nature of the theater means we disappear every time we walk out of there at noon on Sunday.  Because of mall restrictions, we can’t even do signage while we are there!  Now, we will be not only be “findable”, but “un-missable” as we keep doing things we’ve already started to do in Hobart — Movies in the park, “Trunk or Treat” on Halloween, etc.

3.  A place for teens. Already, partnerships have begun to open up with the available facility.  There is a new “Youth for Christ” chapter being started in Hobart by a guy from Suncrest (more on this later) and the facility will become a great place for students to gather for some positive stuff after school.

That seems enough, but I’m confident there will be more…Can’t wait to see how the life of this campus flourishes in the months ahead.  Below is a visual look back at what has already been accomplished in just two years – it is worth 3 minutes of your time!.  Love your campus, Hobart!

~ by Greg Lee on November 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Big News for Suncrest // Hobart”

  1. That’s amazing! Yay G-d! i hope this is really good for those whose church is closing, too.

  2. Having been on my new assignment at the Emmanuel Institutes now since summer 2005, I just am blessed and humbled over and again at how God is opening robust doors of ministry for Suncrest and how courageous and faith-filled the Suncrest family is to walk through those doors to the glory of God. Suncrest, you are well-led in heaven and on earth!

  3. […] I’ve written about before, Suncrest had a church building in Hobart given to us for our Hobart campus.  Wild, […]

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