Sometimes…it’s who you know

Raymond Williams with a Hindu Moto Acharya

I’ve never had an experience like this before with in-person access to so many religious leaders.  And all of that thanks goes to the retired professor leading our trip.  Dr. Raymond Williams is distinguished on a lot of fronts..Ph.D. from University of Chicago, books published by Cambridge Press, many positions of distinction in his career as professor at Wabash College.

Raymond Williams with Bishop of Church of South India

Part of his life’s work has been studying a segment of Hinduism in India and also the religious patterns of Christians who in America who are immigrants from India.  We have benefited from all the connections he made in that field.  During our first week, we received tours and access to parts of Swaminayaran Hinduism that I can’t even describe.

Arch Bishops in Catholic Church

Then, as we made our way south to a more Christian region of India, we had personal conversations with the key leaders here.  More than once, the way to understand the people we were meeting with was “this would be like meeting the pope of the catholic church.”  While none of these religious segments are as large as Catholicism, they do count millions of followers.

Audience with Catholicos of Orthodox Syrian Church

I’m just grateful for the opportunity.  Every leader has been gracious to answer our (sometimes challenging) questions. It has been a world-class trip and I’m going to walk away with new learning,  deeper understanding, and sharper perspective on many things.

Principal of Orthodox theological Seminary

The pictures here are of some of the leaders…Hindu, Orthodox, Catholic, and more.  Hope to write about some of my reflections on this…but I have more reflecting to do first!

~ by Greg Lee on October 30, 2010.

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